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this journal is friends only! xx


since i put everything on lots of filters anyway thought i might as well announce that this journal is pretty much friends only. comment if you want to be added but i probably won't unless i know you. and i definitely won't unless i KNOW that you have an understanding of who and what i am. thanks xx

(yes i made the banner myself :))

questions meme

eh. i feel like a meme. not stolen from anyone, just made up off the pattern of memes i've seen before.

ask me a question. anything. something you've always wanted to ask me, or something you're curious about, about my beliefs, my past, what i like for dinner, or... anything. personal questions fine but i reserve the right to not answer if it's too personal. an anonymous question is fine too. you don't have to post this in your journal, but if you want to, cool.

BEGIN. or squished up rei will chew on your face in the night.



anyone know what's acceptable to put on (mostly healed) tattoos to stop them itching?


luff my nifty icon table!

ten me/end of eva icons i madeCollapse )

LAAAAAAWWWWWWL I SO META. got a shitload of brushes and things from 100x100_brushes so had fun. need to make more of these.

gonna x-post to eva_graphics, because i CAN.


i ranted briefly about us losing last night, but i'm not, actually, angry.

i'm happy about what this world cup has brought to my country. a sense that we can peacefully celebrate our national identity without fear and without hatred, without aggression or violence or negativity. i'm proud and glad to have been here at the right time, in this world, that i could experience that.

my country was sad at defeat but we didn't get angry, so i should respect that. there's been tolerance and acceptance of other countries as friends. we love our own team and we want them to win but we don't hate others.

i'm no pacifist, but football isn't war and there's no reason countries should hate and hurt each other over sport. if someone does a genuine wrong against you then i believe in fighting to defend your rights and to change things for the better, to eliminate those who do evil. but this is sport and while other countries have behaved obnoxiously at times mine has been proud and accepting and extending a hand of friendship to everyone from any race while being proud to accept and love our own nationality.

i really hope that this sense of positive pride stays with germany. i'm sad we lost, but i love my country.


i need a version of "Feuer Frei" that doesn't suck. by which i mean one that isn't live. all rammstein's live recordings seem to be really awful quality, by which i slightly suspect that they are not official albums and were actually just taped by some punk with an mp3 recorder at a concert. i had one, someone was kind enough to send one to me, but i think i lost it in the Great Flash Drive Misplacement Drama Of 2006 (which incidentally i never got back, even though i put a reward notice up, fucking punk kids).

though you can get a very funny video of me singing Feuer Frei here (need a free account at animemusicvideos.org). :DDD i think this might actually supposed to be serious but it made me laugh myself stupid, i mean come on i do NOT have a voice like a 40-year-old male chain smoker :PP (also if you watch this video please ignore the intro speech, i also do NOT sound like a mink with throat cancer being put through a wine press.)

(edit: but this one is so much better!! :DD it's to Engel, my favourite rammstein song i think, and it has me doing the deep voices AND SHINJI DOING THE WOMAN'S VOICE AND SAYING "WIR HABEN ANGST" AHAHAHAHA *dead!!!* omfg so priceless :DDD)


lo all.

asuka here. not a serial adder :)

dunno if i'm gonna use this or keep posting in [journal name deleted] but yeah. ADD MEEEE or don't. yanno. i am completely egalitarian (what?) and respecting of personal choice. incidentally i probably know where most of you live. okay i'm kidding. :D

also calla? when you get back will you help me do some funky stuff with this layout and shit? see the geeks, they are useful and i love them really :))